I am a young fine artist with a drive to create living altars to the divine. I make sculpture that function as contained gardens. The fragile plant life stretching toward the sun is what I am ultimately honoring and trying to draw attention to in my work.

My sculptures have been described to me as surreal. They speak directly to the animal in you that is hungry, the animal that kills to survive and someday dies to nourish another. They have deep bellies to accommodate the root structures of their green companions. I have stopped questioning why I feel so strongly compelled to make art that is all about growing plants. Perhaps I look around and see people almost completely disconnected from the earth they depend upon. I know that I want to foster the idea of people living and growing and evolving side by side with plants for mutual benefit.

I feel we all need more thriving green space in our lives and I want to build the vehicle that might encourage someone to grow who had never considered it a possibility before. These sculptures need to be functional objects that can keep the mess of soil and water contained and easy to tend to. At this point, making them user-friendly and accessible is my main goal and challenge. To accomplish this I intend to incorporate more thrown forms into my sculptural work and simplify their design.

I have been firing almost exclusively to cone ten in a forced-air, gas-fired, hard brick salt kiln. Learning to fire a single kiln over and over is an excellent way to build confidence and skill, but I am ready to expand my hands-on practical knowledge. I desire nothing more than to explore new firing techniques in order to push my clay body and surfaces in bold new directions.

Anonymous said: who won the giveaway? :)

The winners have been notified privately and their prizes will be shipped out as soon as I get back from an impromptu trip to New Orleans! Keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways or drop me a message if you are interested in purchasing some of my work. :)